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Copper canyon

Copper Canyon national park and world heritage. This canyon system is one of the natural, cultural and historical wonders of Mexico. Home to the Tarahumara natives, the Sierra Madre is rich in history and legend, haunted by the restless shadows of fallen warriors, martyred Jesuits and Pancho Villa's army.

Located in the center of the legendary Sierra Madre Mountains of northwestern Mexico state of Chihuahua, this immense series of canyons and ridges covers 25,000 square miles of rugged territory.

The Copper Canyon system is a geographical landmark full of history and culture as well as home to a variety of natural wonders and caves, forests, mountains and remarkable biodiversity. If you embark on this tour of the Copper Canyon, you will find people of the prehispanic culture, technological marvels of our age, the ancient culture of the Tarahumara and mestizo culture, it also provides us cities, traditions, legends and cuisine. Enjoy this region, which is such a privileged part in our country.

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